Elite E Services

SINCE 2001- Elite E Services (EES) is a technology development company for the Financial industry “FinTech”.  EES does not engage in any regulated activities, in any jurisdiction.  EES develops technology and algorithmic trading systems for the currency market.  EES offers trading technology, trading strategies, technology consulting, and related services.   Elite “Electronic” Services breakdown of sub-services.  Getting to know the unknown – unknowns. 

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Consulting

Are you interested in Bitcoin or another Cryptocurrency, issuing an ICO, or want to trade Bitcoin?  Bitcoin is a Currency, Bitcoin is Forex – we’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years.  20 years ago, a synthetic currency was created called the “Euro” which is by all definitions a synthetic.  Beware the dangers of scam artists in a new market like Crypto!  For more information on Blockchain and Crypto Currency see our new parent organization Bloc10 Blockchain FinTech @ www.bloc10.com 

Currency Consulting

The Currency market is changing rapidly.  While Forex is the largest market in the world it is also the least understood and the most opaque.  If you are involved in the Forex market or are interested in participating, it is critical to have a Forex Expert to guide you through the Forex minefield.  Typical demographics who need Forex consulting:

  • Traders, Investors who trade or invest in Forex
  • Businesses who conduct operations in multiple currencies
  • Those involved in Forex related litigation

Depending on your needs EES provides members with a comprehensive consulting package.  All packages include access to our Forex strategies and extensive Forex knowledge base.  Click here to sign up as an Elite Member.

Market Analysis

EES can provide global market analysis for your institution or fund, based on our Global macro analysis doctrine.  This type of analysis is comprehensive; the markets analysis includes deep-analysis (macro, political, systems analysis). EES publishes some Forex related analysis publicly on Seeking Alpha and on EES Forex Blog. EES is a content provider for Global Intel Hub. We can also provide real-time analysis for your website via syndicated RSS feed.  EES analysis can be tailored for your portfolio management, or white labeled and offered to your clients as a value-add.  Click here to sign up as an Elite Member.

Trading Systems

EES develops quantitative systems for the foreign exchange market.  Systems are written in various scripting languages offered by platforms MetaTrader4, Tradestation, and others; in addition to black box systems connected to the bank/broker API. Other systems include modeling components for MT4 and Tradestation, and customized black box systems for use with FIX.  Clients who use these systems include money managers, hedge funds, CTAs, FDMs, RFEDs, and individual traders.  Our approach to systems development is structural and modular “if it can be coded as a setting it will be.”  That means our systems are built module by module and do not represent a particular methodology.  Click here to sign up as an Elite Member.

EES offered 1 software product: Elite Expert Trader – a suite of Expert Advisors for the MetaTrader 4 platform.  EET can be purchased at Amazon, TigerDirect, or RegNow. Optional monthly EES FX Subscription provides regular updates to new strategies, support, and custom templates.  This product was discontinued, but is still available for purchase for developers.

Buy Penny Splitter Strategy Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Manager / CTA Incubation

Are you considering becoming a money manager? Are you a trader with a strategy that is considering trading for clients? Or are you an existing RIA or money manager considering trading Forex or Futures? EES has resources that can assist you in building a managed accounts business. Starting with regulation and compliance consulting, EES will guide you through the process and provide tools to make it as simple as possible.  Once registered, EES can assist in building a compliant website, and raising capital, both through our existing network and also by using niche exposure strategies to investor networks.  Click here to sign up as an Elite Member.

Custom Programming & Development

EES can program your trading system for the MT4 platform in MQL or using FIX API.  EES has programmed over 2,500 EAs for MT4 and has developed several black box FIX based systems. Download some of EES previously coded Expert Advisors on MQL4.com  Click here to learn more about custom programming.  Custom Programming solutions include translation of existing Expert Advisors to work with MT4 Brokers with Binary Options (BO) symbol groups.  Contact EES for a Custom Programming request.  Jobs start at $2,500

Development Tools:  Code Signing Certificates

Currency Payments

EES, through our bank partners, offers deliverable currency payments for businesses and individuals who send payments in different currencies.* The service sits in between the beneficiary (recipient of payment) and your bank, offering competitive Forex rates and less fees. Some banks may charge up to 8% for a Forex payment; depending on volume our service can be as low as .2%. Contact EES to learn more about this or see this page. *EES acts as a consultant only, providing the best possible rates.  Your relationship or account will be with a financially regulated institution.

Currency Hedging & Overlay

Currency hedging for international investors and international businesses who deal in multiple currencies. EES can create an active or passive hedging portfolio based on your needs by utilizing Forex options, Forex forwards, and spot Forex hedging strategies. For your fund EES can create an overlay program that sits on top of non-domiciled currency investments.

Training & Education

Institutional Forex and Financial markets training and education for financial professionals, institutions, and investors. EES can provide your organization with comprehensive training, including markets education (markets analysis), technical training (IT), and regulatory compliance training.  Click here to sign up as an Elite Member.


Trading is an I.T. intensive operation.  EES designs trading systems with optimized network latency and processing power. Optimized hardware can be a critical component in your trading application. EES can build your customized hardware or order hardware through our network of IT vendors:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Personal Supercomputers
  • Trading Laptops
  • Dedicated Trading Servers
  • Fortinet Security appliance UTM


Financial, FX, Trading related software development, desktop software, cloud software, software as a service, enterprise I.T. software, development for your organization for use or to sell.  EES has built software for regulated entities big and small.

Software available for information and testing purposes only.  EES discontinued support of available software August 2014.

  • Elite Expert Trader for Meta Trader 4 – Elite Expert Trader is a portfolio of Expert Advisors (automated trading systems) for the Forex market.
  • EES Meta Sync – Synchronize your MT4 trading platform folders.
  • Forex Trading Platforms, bridge integration, plugin development.

Broker Tools

  • Liquidity EAs – For brokers who want to create volume, EES can run EAs designed to create large volume with low risk.
  • Dealing Desk Algorithms – Maximize your revenues while providing best in class prices to your customers using real-time analytics and algorithmic execution.

Ancillary Technical Services

Elite E Services can provide Forex related website development, hosting, SSL certificate registration, domain name registration, and more.  See www.openforexaccount.com as an example of ‘lead generator” page.

Internet, Servers, VPS, & Online Services

See our partner FX System Hosting for more detail about online services.  From trading to business operations and marketing, EES has a suite of online services that can be ordered through one account.  Whether you need domain names for your Forex website or a VPS for testing your new strategy, EES has you covered.  EES has relationships with some of the largest providers of online services in the world, including GoDaddy, TW Telecom, BT, and others.  Order:  VPS  Dedicated Server  WordPress Hosting  SSL Certificates

Dedicated Servers & VPS near your broker via CNS

Through our Tier1 backbone ISP’s, EES can provide T1 – OC192 internet connectivity.  Other internet services include domain names & web hosting, search engine optimization, VPS, Dedicated Servers, SSL Certificates

About EES

EES is an online virtual corporation, originally founded in 2001 in Palm Beach, FL.  As of 2017 EES moved to Atlanta, GA.  EES has operated in Christchurch, New Zealand; Las Vegas, NV, Dover, DE, and Columbia, SC.  EES main operations center is located in Atlanta, GA, however EES works with agents and clients in more than 50+ countries.

EES communicates with customers primarily electronically.  If you are interested in becoming a client or partner of Elite E Services for any service, please begin by joining EES as a member, and completing the following form EES New Client Information Form 42.2. You will need Acrobat Reader, available here.