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PRESS RELEASE: Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex book released

PRESS RELEASE: 3/15/2016 DOVER, DE – Elite E Services, Inc. announces the release of Forex book “Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex,” with included Forex strategy “Penny Splitter.” Although Forex is the most significant market in the world, it remains a mystery to many. Splitting Pennies was compiled to fix people’s thinking about FOREX and money markets,… Read More »

Elite E Services publishes Forex Book

Elite E Services publishes Forex Book “Splitting Pennies” It’s our first product release for 2016.  Splitting Pennies comes with “Penny Splitter” expert adviser, also available for purchase on the MT4 marketplace. Checkout Splitting Pennies sales page See EES’ Publisher page for ordering info, and publishing details