Bitcoin book announced, sequel to Splitting Pennies

By | September 26, 2017

( — Dover, DE 9/25/2017 — Elite E Services, Inc. a currency technology company, hereby announces the development of a Bitcoin book.  EES is currently researching Cryptocurrencies and will compile the research into a book scheduled to be published October 15th. 2017.  EES has been in the currency business for 15 years; and Bitcoin is a currency.  So we have a huge advantage over new players in this fast growing space.  As we have been hired as a Currency Expert to consult on an up and coming ICO, we are digging in deep in this growth market of the currency industry.

We have also established a page on our site dedicated to Bitcoin, and released our first Investors Guide to Bitcoin available now:

EES_Bitcoin Crypto Currency Guide for Investors

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