Bitcoin book announced, sequel to Splitting Pennies

( — Dover, DE 9/25/2017 — Elite E Services, Inc. a currency technology company, hereby announces the development of a Bitcoin book.  EES is currently researching Cryptocurrencies and will compile the research into a book scheduled to be published October 15th. 2017.  EES has been in the currency business for 15 years; and Bitcoin is… Read More »

Elite E Services announces the release of US Trade Hardcover Splitting Pennies for sale online

Elite E Services is the publisher of the book “Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex.”  Forex is an electronic market, so there was no more appropriate market to sell the book than Kindle – an electronic marketplace for books and other content.  By the way, you don’t need a Kindle device to read Kindle books –… Read More »

PRESS RELEASE: Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex book released

PRESS RELEASE: 3/15/2016 DOVER, DE – Elite E Services, Inc. announces the release of Forex book “Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex,” with included Forex strategy “Penny Splitter.” Although Forex is the most significant market in the world, it remains a mystery to many. Splitting Pennies was compiled to fix people’s thinking about FOREX and money markets,… Read More »

Elite E Services publishes Forex Book

Elite E Services publishes Forex Book “Splitting Pennies” It’s our first product release for 2016.  Splitting Pennies comes with “Penny Splitter” expert adviser, also available for purchase on the MT4 marketplace. Checkout Splitting Pennies sales page See EES’ Publisher page for ordering info, and publishing details

EES: Liquidity update and Turkey in focus

Elite E Services Forex system update December 8, 2015 Recently EES released a system designed to create Forex liquidity which has been doing well for new clients who purchased it. We’ve started a new MAM at GoMarkets and will be publishing the results here at MyFXBook.  As this is a managed account, results will be… Read More »

EES: Get FX Liquidity Forex algorithm for a limited time

EES has been developing algorithms for a long time (longer than there was a Forex industry).  We’ve seen thousands of EAs flood the retail market.  As well, we’ve inspected and traded with algorithms implemented and developed by the world’s leading FX banks “the usual suspects.” At the behest of a large institutional client we developed… Read More »

Website Redesign

Elite E Services has redesigned it’s website at Site design & SEO provided by Vector Informatics Hosting & Forex domain names by FX System Hosting.