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Joseph James Gelet was born in Anaheim, California in 1980 and grew up bi-coastal, in Southern California and Boca Raton, Florida.  His interest in computers led him to electronic trading and algorithm development when there was no 'program trading' or algorithmic industry to speak of.  Joseph Gelet has been trading since 1996.  He began day-trading equities during this time and was always on the cutting edge of algorithmic electronic trading.  In 1999 Mr. Gelet began a quest to develop an intelligent trading system for the markets - but at that time algorithmic trading was heresy.  In 2002 Mr. Gelet founded Elite E Services in New Zealand, the first boutique Forex broker in the jurisdiction (currently, New Zealand is a Forex hotspot).  In 2006 Mr. Gelet became registered with the NFA as a Member CTA (#373609) with a Series 3 designation, through Elite E Services, Inc. USA - and for many years, managed client funds using algorithmic Forex systems.  EES was twice named top 10 CTA by Barclay Hedge, as well as receiving press from publishers such as Futures Magazine, Stocks & Commodities magazine, FX Magazine, and many others.  Mr. Gelet is a well read author, he has authored 2 books on the topic of Forex as well as countless articles both in leading print and online publications.  Always staying on the cutting edge of algorithmic electronic trading, he recently pioneered the first Binary Options Forex robot available in MT4 format.  He also is an expert Forex consultant to Steinmeyer Law, a leading securities class action & anti-trust litigation firm.  He holds a Series 3 license (Commodity Trading Advisor), and has developed an in-depth Forex training course which has helped many Wall St. professionals and international investors understand the nuances of Forex.  Mr. Gelet has been the Forex & IT consultant to many FCMs, FDMs, Banks, Hedge Funds, and Universities.

Due to the overwhelming amount of fraud and unscrupulous practices in Forex in the United States, Elite E Services decided to withdraw from the NFA in 2014 in pursuit of opening a Forex bank.  Joseph Gelet lives in South Carolina with his wife.

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QE3 and it's impact on your portfolio

With the announcement of QE3 (quantitative easing), the Fed has for the first time officially stated a 'no limit' policy to new money creation. Also, they will not raise interest rates until at least 2015. As a result, many are expecting the value of the US Dollar to deteriorate significantly during that time.

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A guide to Forex Arbitrage, January, 2012

Trading Automated Spot Forex Systems, April 2010

FX Trader Magazine - April - June 2011, July-September 2011

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Global Intel Hub - Joseph Gelet is an author, contributor, writer, & analyst for the site which focuses on global politics, Forex, & international business

Elite Forex Blog - Joseph Gelet is an author & contributor to Elite Forex Blog

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