“Solving infrastructure problems through financial intelligence”

We all need to give back.  Elite E Services has created a project that will create local infrastructure which is currently failing, and in the process making a profit for investors.  That’s business!

Here’s the steps we’ve taken to start the ball rolling:

  1. Send a letter to local government
  2. Create awareness about the issue – See change.org petition – Seeking Alpha article about Municipal Bond Financing
  3. Present potential liabilities, balanced with potential profitable solution
  4. Execute!

Project Calmont Drive

Project Calmont Dr. is a project to pave Calmont Dr., Winners Ct., Kas Ct. and Hyman Rd. These unpaved ‘roads’ have deteriorated to the point that they have become safety hazards. The roads have destroyed the property of those living here (vehicles, anything transported in and out), as well – have caused physical damage to body.

The roads are in South Carolina in Calhoun County and Lexington County.

This page is a resource for lawmakers, lawyers, engineers, activists, and residents who can participate in our class action lawsuit.

The list of defendents:

  • Lexington County
  • Calhoun County
  • The State of South Carolina
  • Calmont Properties Owners Association

Contacts of those who can fix a road

SC Department of Transportation

Lexington County, SC www.lex-co.sc.gov

Calhoun County, SC www.calhouncounty.sc.gov

The State of South Carolina

Contact Elite E Services

List of government officials we have contacted about this issue:

Senator Lindsey Graham

Senator Tim Scott

State Senator Russell Ott

Calhoun County Administrator Lee Prickett

Calhoun County Sheriff Thomas S. Summers, Jr.

Governor Nikki Haley

John Nelson, County Counsil District 3

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