PRESS RELEASE: Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex book released

By | March 15, 2016

PRESS RELEASE: 3/15/2016 DOVER, DE – Elite E Services, Inc. announces the release of Forex book “Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex,” with included Forex strategy “Penny Splitter.” Although Forex is the most significant market in the world, it remains a mystery to many. Splitting Pennies was compiled to fix people’s thinking about FOREX and money markets, and open their minds. Also, it provides practical tools to protect your own portfolio from a sinking domestic currency; and most importantly to understand its machinations.

“There’s many Forex books out there, but none that capture the full depth and history of what FX really is. So we put together a comprehensive novel style book about FOREX, based on our 15 years’ experience programming algorithms and other technology for FOREX firms,” says Joseph Gelet, author of Splitting Pennies.  “This book is going to revolutionize the way people look at Forex. It represents 15 years of hard work, research, and real life examples – compressed into one short easy to read book. Also, purchasers of the book will receive ‘Penny Splitter’ Forex Robot for free. Readers of the book are given a birds eye view of how our world really works – a book that makes sense of cents.”

The book will be available on Kindle exclusively for 90 days, and in print from Lulu.  Vector Informatics, a digital marketing agency, will be managing the marketing & promotion campaign.  Contact Elite E Services, Inc. the publisher for bulk ordering.

Splitting Pennies is perfect for:

  • Students studying for Series 3 and Series 34 (as an addendum)
  • University students studying international finance, portfolio management, banking & finance, investing
  • Accountants & executives of public companies suffering from “Currency Headwinds” – and as an example of compliance with internal financial controls
  • A client gift (book cost is only $25.25)
  • Forex traders who want some perspective
  • Forex brokers looking for objective, unbiased information about Forex for their clients
  • Banks, financial services firms, financial advisers, CPAs
  • Average citizens who want to understand more about how our financial system works

Splitting Pennies cover