EES has experience designing, programming, testing, and trading automated financial systems in many environments for most markets; with a focus on Forex.  In our experience there is a misnomer about “Programming” which is important for anyone to understand prior to considering a software project, especially in Finance.  Programming is a minority part of any software development project, which also includes Project Detail, Logical Analysis, Program Design, and finally Testing & Qualification.  For trading systems, sometimes the Logical Analysis and Qualification require significantly more work than actual Programming.  We encourage everyone to first read this document before proceeding: EES-ProjectManagement

EES can program your trading system for the MT4 platform in MQL or using FIX API.  EES has programmed over 2,500 EAs for MT4 and has developed several black box FIX based systems. Download some of EES previously coded Expert Advisors on 

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For Binary Options in Meta Trader

Custom Programming solutions include translation of existing Expert Advisors to work with MT4 Brokers with Binary Options (BO) symbol groups.  Contact EES for a Custom Programming request.  For an example of a trading system programmed for Binary Options, see Binary Options MT4

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When you are ready to begin, we recommend first joining our membership package here for 99/month.  Included in your membership you can access our programming resources and other digital assets.

You will need some digital assets for us to work together.  We suggest getting a fully dedicated server for development (order here), which EES and your team will have access to.  Some other tools that might help you get started:  Business class emailCode signing certificates


EES is a Microsoft Certified Partner & Developer.


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