DRS Signals

Dynamic Risk Strategy (DRS) is not a specific strategy per se, but a modular approach towards EA development. If something can be a setting, it is a setting. That means there are a plethora of ways in which this strategy can be used. The DRS signals service aims to acheive equity above the watermark consistently with account protection limiting drawdowns as much as possible.

Video fast forward strategy trading on chart


Why is this methodology better than any other?

Our approach to EA development is based on price action only; the EA is time frame independent. As an option indicators can be used as filters (such as only Sell if RSI > 70) but the EA themselves are not based on any particular indicator. Therefore DRS EA is not a specific trading methodology but rather, an approach to trading.

Can I use this EA on my own?

Yes absolutely, for $100 /month you can use this and all the other EAs we offer on your account. If you lease the EA in this manner you may use it on any broker you prefer. Click here to purchase

Why should I subscribe to the signals if I can use it on my own?

When using the DRS Signals you are authorizing the developer and a registered CTA to load the EA for you. We encourage traders to use the EA themselves if they choose. But because the strategy isn't a particular trading methodology, it requires knowledge of the markets and knowledge of the EA itself.

What are the fees?

1% of the Equity per month

Members of Global Intel Hub receive a discount and only pay .3% of the Equity per month. Click here to join Global Intel Hub.

Premium members of Global Intel Hub pay no fee.

How do I open an account?

Click here to open account