EES offers trading signals based on our strategies that we have developed over the years.  By request, we can offer signals for any strategy.  At the moment, we are running only one signals strategy live, DRS Signals.

DRS Signals

The D.ynamic R.isk S.trategy is a price action, market neutral trading system that is independent of market movement.  There is no indicator driving the system, although there are indicator filters (i.e. trade only when certain indicator is met).  The system can be used in many different ways – for the DRS Signals program we are targeting 2-3% per month returns with low drawdown.  In Q4 of 2013 the system returned 6.1%, but it didn’t start trading until October on this account, so it represent about 3 months.  See the chart below:



Frequently Asked Questions about Signals.

Why is this methodology better than any other?

Our approach to EA development is based on price action only; the EA is time frame independent. As an option indicators can be used as filters (such as only Sell if RSI > 70) but the EA themselves are not based on any particular indicator. Therefore DRS EA is not a specific trading methodology but rather, an approach to trading.

What is the difference between ‘Signals’ and a Managed Account?

With Signals, you can opt-out of each trade.  The fee structure is different, there are lower minimums for Signals, and they are not subject to the same type of rules as Managed Accounts.

Can I use this EA on my own?

Yes absolutely, for $99 /month you can use this and all the other EAs we offer on your account. If you lease the EA in this manner you may use it on any broker you prefer.  To sign up, visit Elite E Services Membership page.

Can I use these Signals on any broker?

If you subscribe and receive the EA, you can use the same EA on any broker.  Currently, we only have one relationship where we offer the Signals directly to your account.  In the case you want to use the strategy at another broker, we can assist in setting it up for you.  For a list of brokers see

Why should I subscribe to the signals if I can use it on my own?

When using the DRS Signals you are authorizing the developer and a registered CTA to load the EA for you. We encourage traders to use the EA themselves if they choose. But because the strategy isn’t a particular trading methodology, it requires knowledge of the markets and knowledge of the EA itself.  This also means the EA will perform based on the settings provided by the trader.

What are the fees?

$99/month – To sign up, visit Elite E Services Membership page.

Can I subscribe to the Signals service AND use the EA?


How do I open an account?

Visit Open Forex Account and choose your broker.  For a recommended broker please contact us.