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Splitting Pennies

Splitting Pennies is a book about our global financial system and its direct impact on every human being on this planet Earth.  Every day, our money is worth less and less.  Splitting Pennies coverSplitting Pennies explores why, through the prism of its mechanism; Forex.  Forex is the largest business in the world and the least understood.  This is not taught in school – start your journey, and just read.

Publisher: Elite E Services, Inc.  Publisher Website Link:  Shortlink
Author: Joseph Gelet
Genre: Non-Fiction, Business, International Economics, Foreign Exchange
Distributors: Ingram, (Kindle), Lulu, Createspace
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Splitting Pennies Description: View / Download Splitting Pennies Summary 2016 
Available formats: Hardcover (Lulu), Kindle epub, US Trade Hardcover 6×9 (Ingram), Large Hardcover 8×10 (Ingram), US Trade Paperback (Createspace)
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Available in digital format exclusively on Kindle, and in Print from Lulu

Splitting Pennies is perfect for:

  • Students studying for Series 3 and Series 34 (as an addendum)
  • University students studying international finance, portfolio management, investing
  • Accountants & executives of public companies suffering from “Currency Headwinds” – and as an example of compliance with internal financial controls
  • A client gift
  • Forex traders who want some perspective
  • Forex brokers looking for objective, unbiased information about Forex for their clients
  • Banks, financial services firms, financial advisers, CPAs

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Splitting Pennies is available through Ingram

US Trade Hardcover edition 6” x 9” @ Ingram ISBN 9781329992351 $34.99
Large Hardcover edition 8.25” x 10.75” @ Ingram ISBN 9781329833241 $39.11

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