Forex Managed Account RU

What is it?

A Forex Managed Account is an investment account, that is managed by a professional Forex manager.  Today, Forex robots exist that actually do the trading.  Each robot is different; the job of the Forex manager is to build the robot and execute it on your account, minus a fee.  The fees for this account are 30% of the profit, that means if the robot doesn't make money for you - you don't pay!

About the strategy

Elite E Services has been developing algorithmic strategies for years.

About the broker

100% Онлайн-брокер
Современные технологии стерли физические границы, а для работы с клиентами больше не нужны офисы. NAS Broker работает по модели 100% онлайн-обслуживания, предоставляя доступ к торговле и инвестированию на финансовых рынках полностью онлайн для клиентов в любой точке мира.

Мы экономим на физическом присутствии и инвестируем в новые технологии, развитие продуктов и улучшение торговых условий.

Наша миссия — помочь каждому клиенту сделать трейдинг и инвестиции новым источником дохода.

About the manager

Joseph Gelet, Series 3 has been managing Forex accounts for more than 15 years.

Account details

  • Minimum account size $1,000 USD.
  • You can withdraw funds at any time.  You can add funds at any time.
  • Account risk 25% of deposit only.  (Max loss, 25% of account value, at any time)

Account Opening Procedure

  1. Open an account with NAS Broker by clicking here.
  2. Download and complete this LPOA:

EES Limited Power of Attorney and Trading Authorization document



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