The Forex algorithm designed to create liquidity

Behold - "Liquidity" - the first Forex algorithm designed to create volume!

For brokers, IBs, Banks, and professional fund managers


Liquidity Information

Liquidity is a system specifically designed to create volume, for those with existing Forex alpha but who lack volume and trade activity.

System Description "Liquidity" is a market neutral, indicator-less algorithm designed to work on any currency pair, regardless of pair behavior pattern.  Algorithm parameters make it easy to adjust to pair specific tolerance such as volatility, range, and spread.  Liquidity is designed specifically to create volume, and break even or be slightly profitable.  By using an parameter rich open skeleton design, Liquidity can be used in near infinite ways (inside the mathematical confines of the Forex market, and broker limitations).  Also because of this design, Liquidity can become a plethora of micro-strategies.  For example, Liquidity can be used to generate profits during a market lull, such as in between important data announcements.  During this time normally the majority of algorithms are quiet or inactive.  If this is the case for your algos, Liquidity is the perfect overlay / companion strategy to add to your quant portfolio!  Liquidity can be loaded on any timeframe, and is not pair specific.  There is no martingale or pyramiding, it is designed with very basic money management features - and to place many trades.  In the most basic use case, a buy iteration is loaded alongside a sell iteration on 2 charts from the same pair, to avoid order confusion.

Results Liquidity is a toolbox to create volume; thus results are highly dependent on settings and pairs used.  Today a test was run using conservative settings, and the system traded 1800 trades, with .02% drawdown, creating 1.5 M in volume on 100k account in 24 hours, or roughly 15x the account balance in volume, trading on 3 pairs (in this case, EUR/GBP EUR/USD and GBP/USD).  The system is designed to be overall net positive with floating drawdowns relative to the size of trades and leverage used.  Results vary greatly depending on how the system is used.  The system cannot be backtested in purity because there is no portfolio backtesting available in MT4; normally the system is loaded on multiple charts (i.e. one buy, one sell).  Individual backtesting is useful for parameter optimization, but does not provide an accurate data description of how Liquidity may perform.  For more detailed results information see "Data & Analysis" below.

Platform This system has been extensively tested and traded in the Meta Trader 4 platform.  EES can convert it to work with your FIX API for a fee.  It is not recommended to use on other platforms or non-Forex instruments.

The Company Elite E Services has been in the Forex business since 2002.  EES has been the IT consultant to major Forex brokerages, and developed over 2,500 Trading Strategies (both for ourselves and on behalf of clients) in MQL and many black box FIX API systems.  Check our reviews on Forex Peace Army.  EES has twice been named Top ranked CTA on Barclay Hedge, authored countless articles for major financial publications such as Futures magazine, Stocks & Commodities Magazine, Seeking Alpha, Zero Hedge, and many more.

About the Developer Joseph Gelet has been trading since 1996.  He began day-trading equities during this time and was always on the cutting edge of algorithmic electronic trading.  In 1999 Mr. Gelet began a quest to develop an intelligent trading system for the markets - but at that time algorithmic trading was heresy.  In 2002 Mr. Gelet founded Elite E Services in New Zealand, the first boutique Forex broker in the jurisdiction (currently, New Zealand is a Forex hotspot).  In 2006 Mr. Gelet became registered with the NFA as a Member CTA with a Series 3 designation, through Elite E Services, Inc. USA - and for many years, managed client funds using algorithmic Forex systems.  Mr. Gelet is a well read author, he has authored 2 books on the topic of Forex as well as countless articles both in leading print and online publications.  Always staying on the cutting edge of algorithmic electronic trading, he recently pioneered the first Binary Options Forex robot available in MT4 format.  He has been involved in the development of more than 1,000 algorithmic trading systems, including programming, project management, algorithm design, qualification, and implementation.  Mr. Gelet is an expert Forex consultant to Steinmeyer Law, a leading securities class action & anti-trust litigation firm.  He has developed an in-depth Forex training course which has helped many Wall St. professionals and international investors understand the nuances of Forex.  Mr. Gelet has been the Forex & IT consultant to many FCMs, FDMs, Banks, Hedge Funds, and Universities.  All purchasers of Liquidity system will be able to receive consultations with Mr. Gelet directly.
Listen to Mr. Gelet being interviewed on Dallas Talk Radio 1190  click here to download or listen on your mobile device - Click here to see more information and full bio of Joseph James Gelet - Checkout some articles authored by Joseph Gelet: How to trade the collapse of the EurozoneStrangle the Euro – A way to trade the volatility of the situation in EuropeCurrency ETFsTime to Sell the EuroEurope going back to the dark ages – SNB Watch – UUP: Dollar long term buy 2012 – PFG Customers get offers –Truth about PFG Best – Europe’s crisis much deeper than currency – QE3 Competitive Devaluation – Currency Markets Continue to Baffle Traders – except the Yen

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Stay Neutral

The Liquidity system is designed to be constantly in the market.  Trade all the pairs, all the time, in all directions.  Book profits while taking new positions.  Let the floating equity DD stay just above water.  Make money if the market is going up, or down.

neutral beta
This is HFT - but not so risky!  Trade all the time - everytime! ANYTIME!
Why do so many trading algorithms fail?  Because they try to maximize profit.  When the market is in their favor, they do great.  Then they blow up.  Liquidity is designed to manage losses and potential 'black swan' events by being in the market constantly, creating many trades and volume.  By being constantly in the market, instead of waiting for the right 'signal' or time, it eliminates the risk of 'blowing up'.

Focus on your core business, let clients profit.  Happy clients mean more deposits!  More volume means less commissions and tighter spreads!  Higher profit for fund managers, means more fees and more AUM!


Balance charts that look like the underlying instrument!  But booking trades all along the way, long and short.

The proposition

BROKERS!  Give this strategy for free to your clients to create volume!  Our volume license means you can distribute this strategy to all your clients without additional fee!

Introducing Brokers!  Use this system as a value add sales tool!  Drive sales by offering this system free to your customers!  Buy it once from Elite E Services and give it away to all your clients.  Watch your rebates add up as Liquidity trades all the pairs all the time!

BANKS! Run this system using limit orders and create your own retail liquidity!  Be liquidity makers, not liquidity takers!  Easily and automatically place thousands of limit orders on all the pairs you run.  Or run Liquidity on a house account to generate commissions internally.

Retail Clients! Camouflage your real strategy with this system.  Create lots of volume, break even, and run your real strategy!  Never let your broker know what your real strategy is!  Hide it in plain sight!

Potential uses of this system:

  1. As an overlay strategy
  2. Create transactions to obfuscate your real strategy
  3. Create transaction based volume
  4. Soak up all your counterparty's liquidity by using market orders

Data Analysis

results from liquidity ea

In the above result, we ran a simple test using a conservative use setting.  Due to the limitations of the MT4 platform it is not possible to model how the strategy would have performed precisely, because we can only test 1 side of 1 pair at once.  The above result is from the Buy side of EUR/USD pair for 2 months.  The system generated 3696 trades; using a $100,000 test account, and .01 or 1,000 trade size; this generated 36.96 lots or $3,696,000.00 in volume on 1 pair, trading only 1,000 at a time, for 1 side!  To extrapolate those numbers, still using the same 1,000 volume traded, this would mean $73,920,000.000 per month in volume for 20 pairs, per month!  Trading with a default start lot size of 10,000 - add a zero, and it would be $739,200,000.00 in volume for 20 pairs, per month!  And as you can see from the equity/balance chart - the account is slightly profitable.  But again, this is just one example.  There are literally thousands of ways to use the Liquidity system!  One thing is for sure, there is huge unlocked potential value in this strategy!

Live Data Sample

For testing & demonstration purposes, we deposited 2,000 into an account and traded with low risk & limited pairs.  In 1 month, the system generated 1.4 Million in volume, and more than 1200 trades.

forex liquidity

forex liquidity



Liquidity is the orchard, not an apple

An apple is a self-depleting resource.  However, from a tree grow many apples.  From an orchard, grow many trees.

Our approach to EA development is that of a toolbox, to build a portfolio of strategies as suitable for your situation.  We don't believe in relying on a particular methodology.  By use of settings, Liquidity can become several independent strategies trading on the same account.  In many ways, the strategies can counterbalance each other.  Liquidity makes use of the math driving the Forex market (such as the low volatility, simple to calculate price targets, and currency pair correlation).

For dealing desks

Stop trading against clients!  Angry losing clients mean lawsuits or worse.  Make money with clients - trade with them instead of against them!  Happy counterparties bring more business.  Run the system for your desk or give it to clients.  By giving clients this system, you know exactly what they will do - plan accordingly!  Take the guesswork out of running a dealing desk.  Help your clients make decisions - and know the limits of their decisions before they make it!  It's better than seeing into the future.  Know your clients moves before they do!

Liquidity is the first system designed to NOT LOSE.




  1. Elite E Services Support & Training for 99/month  No contract, cancel anytime.

  2. Open a live account with one of EES participating brokers.

  3. Optional modifications to the programming code can be done for a fee on a per request basis.

GetFXLiquidityForex Liquidity

What you will need if you buy this system

  1. You will need Meta Trader 4.  If you do not have MT4 it can be provided to you free of charge.  EES can assist you to open a live account with one of our choice MT4 brokers, free of charge.
  2. You will need a computer to load the platform (MT4) - it can be in your office or you can order a dedicated server from our partner company.
  3. Basic knowledge how Forex algorithms work.  If you purchase a license, EES will support the system for 30 days, including installation, setup, testing, and instruction how to use.
  4. You will need to speak basic English!  Although anything is possible, it is preferred if English is understood, especially to read and understand the documentation.

What EES will provide to all buyers of this system

  1. Full unlimited use of the Liquidity System Expert Advisor for MT4
  2. 30 day support.  Q&A, Installation, Testing, and instruction manual
  3. PDF Manual
  4. Access to other systems, free of charge
  5. Forex analysis & news, from our analysis unit
  6. The full algorithm & related information
  7. Join our Forex news & analysis email group, and receive important market updates (optional)

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Will this system work on non-Forex instruments?


Is this strategy Dodd-Frank compliant? 


Does this system require hedging?

No.  There are many ways to use the system, in one case, 2 charts are loaded.  One for buy, and one for sell.  In this case, if hedging is not allowed at your broker, you would need 2 accounts.  There is no P/L difference or order confusion, but of course it would be better if your broker allowed hedging.  But for other reasons you may want to have all buy orders in one account and sell orders in another.  We provide templates for Buy and Sell as separate iterations.

Are there any hidden tricks to this system?

No.  For live clients only you will be able to understand how Liquidity works once you demo it for a few sessions.  We believe there is more value in the support of the system and usage, than the algorithm itself.

Do you offer refunds?

No.  Once you have the system in your hands, there are no refunds.  No exceptions!

Is the system locked?

No.  We offer the system unlocked.  We have specific policies about its use for customers.  We encourage customers to work with us regarding its use.

Is there any tracking on this system?

Through our partnership with the NSA, there is a geo-location tag hidden in the code of the system that changes registry values on the L1 cache of your processor.  EES does not have access to this information.  But don't use this EA to try to collapse the Dollar!

How can I pay for this system?

Normally, we accept PayPal, Credit Card, ACH payment, and Bank Wire.  Some payment methods may incur an additional processing fee.  Currently we are using the ClickBetter processing system, which offers a money back guarantee on your credit card.

Does it matter what pair this system is traded on?

Generally - no.  Ideally - this system should be traded on all available pairs - all the time!

How does the system handle volatility?

As well as your broker can execute!  The system itself thrives on volatility, because it is opportunity.  Often during volatile market conditions such as NFP or a Fed announcement, Forex brokers can have issues which will cause the system to not be able to trade.  The solution for this is to have a great Forex broker with low spreads, fast execution, and no slippage.

Do you offer a demo? 

Due to the confidential nature of this strategy, we are not offering demos generally to the public.  Members of Elite E Services may receive a demo on their MT4 account, up to 2 accounts.  Then, provide us with 2 MT4 demos and describe how each should be traded (i.e. risky, only on some pairs, etc.)  This can be modified.  We will run the system for up to 2 months on your demo accounts as you request.

If this system is so good, why would you sell it?

Quite simply, this system is more of an approach to algorithm development rather than a 'magic formula' that can beat the market.  In fact, EES is in the opinion that such a magic formula doesn't exist and will never exist, or if it does, only for a certain time (such as witnessed during the LTCM collapse).  Forex is market not like stocks, bonds, or commodities; and so it requires a different type of development.  By releasing this system to serious traders, it can not only help the FX market generally, but can increase our profits as well, because such a system (if used on a widespread scale) can reduce volatility and decrease local/micro 'black swan' un-explainable spikes in the market, which are usually bad for systems.  Of course we are not naive to think that this system can affect the market, but by releasing it to others it cannot negatively impact our own trading, and can only benefit it.

Can I use this system on my client accounts?

Yes, absolutely.  We encourage its use by professional Forex managers, money managers, pension funds, hedge funds, and other professional financial groups.  Don't worry about purchasing multiple licenses!  One license enables you to use it on as many accounts as you want, just don't resell it or lease it without our explicit written permission.

Is there any limit to the amount of accounts I can trade with it?

NO!  You can use it on as many accounts as you want!  We just ask that you do not resell it, or use it to start a business such as a signal service.  If you are interested in doing this please contact us first.  However, if you want to use it on your own accounts or client accounts, you are free to use it on as many MT4 accounts as you want!


Do you want to be the only one in the world with access to this system?  Buy it, own it, use it!  For only $85,000 USD you will receive:

  1. Code to the system
  2. Algorithm designs
  3. 1 year support, installation & use cases
  4. Unique rights to Liquidity - do what you want with it!
  5. EES will shut down this website at your request

If you are interested in buying the rights to the system, please order it first.  We will then provide business logistics for the sale.  Great for banks, hedge funds, or UHNW.  Discretion assured.


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